an elegy for alone time and my commute

Hi Friends,

Hi, hello and howdy to those of you who are here. I’m experimenting a little with content and how I structure this experience. :)

If I set up the technology correctly, there should be a free way to engage with the community. That will always exist. I’ve also added a monthly and annual option if you’d like to engage more with other folks here and support the work and love that goes into this here situation.

I’m also treating this space as a creative outlet and doing my best to not commit to any rigid structures around when and how I post. But, maybe that will happen eventually? We’ll figure it out.

I’m also planning to feature writing from the community and to highlight some of the folks who already submitted work to me when I was gonna try to make this thing another printed zine. :)


Love you, share with your friends.

<3 MM

an elegy for my commute and alone time

In the before, my schedule was my safe little imaginary anchor. The amount of times this structure has failed to protect me in the last year is…many

Human brains want order

I want order, I want to know what’s expected. I want freedom within my safe container.

I mourn the death of traveling there. Of arriving. Of the transformative portal of my commute.

I miss complaining about it.

Cuz now

It’s shit and create and sleep where I eat It’s cry and laugh and numb out where I sleep and shit and create and sleep and again

I’m trying to find ways to mark the days

Was it parka time

Was it mask time

Was it the mini-hope of summertime

Was it too-much-Twitter, election and fear time

Was it at-least-its-not-2020 time

Was it double mask time

Was it?