Doc McStuffins believes in Medicare for All

The Doc is in and will not ruin you financially for having medical needs.

Hey Y’all!

This morning I realized something. Doc McStuffins (yes the Disney+ show) is running a fully socialized medical clinic for her stuffed animals. You never hear about Stuffy or Captain Awesome bemoaning an oppressive medical bill just because they had twisty-nose-itis!

Two Black women running a socialized medical clinic is the future us liberals want, no? As my friend put it, “ ‘ The Doc is in*’ - providing free compassion-based care to gender and species non-conforming friends regardless of their ability to pay.”

Who knew Disney was accidentally pushing a liberal agenda****?

(****in this particular instance! Because, yes, they have some very problematic cartoons that are very racist, anti-Black and perpetuate harmful and antiquated stereotypes of Latinx communities, Indigenous communities and the AAPI community)

I also learned today that Disney had some liberal plans for the original EPCOT. Including building it as a true utopian city of the ~future~ with ample, accessible public transportation, affordable housing, protected green spaces and an abundance of jobs! It seems that the vision also included “everyone living in EPCOT will have the responsibility to maintain this living blueprint of the future" — they were envisioning some communal shit! Okay Walt!!!

If you’ve ever noticed a secret liberal agenda in a kids’ tv show, please share in the comments!

I love you, you’re not alone,