Moms Can't Be Sick + A TikTok

Hey Y’all!

Warning: this first part may sound like your Old Aunt Martha talking about her health.

We’ve had a bumpy health month over here in our house along with some frustrating last minute schedule shifts. And, if you’re anything like me, MY SCHEDULE IS MY BLANKIE. I need it to feel safe.

Starting this week, after talking the dog out and ran over my kiddos, precious little gummy worm toes with the door. She screamed and cried and, so did I. Two of those little toenails are definitely gonna be goners. Then, after we both calmed down, she looked at me and said, “ Mommy, you sliced my toe like a jalapeño!!” Oof. It was true. Poor kiddo. Poor me. And honestly, great simile.

Cut to: last night. My toddler, naked, screaming: “I WANT TO WATCH A MOOOOOVIE!!!!!!!” over and over again. (Why does screaming and repeating just make them stronger, and NOT more tired?)

I’m holding my phone, typing this into my notes app, dissociating. My period started today, I’m on antibiotics from a sinus infection that stems from the cold my sweet kid brought home from school and I have also completely lost my voice. I feel like a big pile of emotional and physical shit.

And, speaking of shit—-I am also about to lose my shit. None of the thoughtful, helpful strategies from Curious Parenting or Dr Becky are helping me now. I just want to scream (and yet, I have no voice!!!) for her to stop screaming and then maybe take a nap on the floor?

Mom has to power through, Mom doesn’t get to be sick.

And now! Here is a TikTok that I love. Please share other parenting nonsense that makes you giggle in the comments.

Kids using tablets

I hope you enjoy. I love you. You are not alone.