Well, here we go!

It's....a Mom Zine newsletter!


This zine / newsletter / space is meant to be a lil’ container for moms to talk about our grab-bag of feelings around parenting, especially now. As my own mother would say, “Better out, than in!”

I’m tired. We’re tired. And by “we” I mean moms. Yes, probably many of us have supportive and relatively involved husbands/partners. Or, maybe you don’t! But, my lord….this year has crushed women. It has crushed moms. It has crushed our careers, our sanity and more.

As mothers, we are asked to do impossible things. And I hate to be so binary here but, many, many of these challenges exist almost exclusively for mothers.

We are grasping for solutions, messily juggling our emotions and those of our kids and clinging to any small moments of respite and reprieve.

The difficulty of this is REAL! You are not alone. So, here we are. Let’s talk about our *OWN* big, complicated, weird, wonderful and tough feelings. Let’s air it out and let’s let others know they aren’t the only ones.

Here we go!